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El Camino Publishing is the publishing imprint for authors Zelda B. Coleridge and Agnes Wilkes Vincent.  Both authors have new and upcoming releases and are unique in their writing styles and topics.

Our Authors

Agnes Wilkes Vincent has recently completed two books about cats (dare say we they may be “by cats”…), and El Camino Publishing is excited to start promoting them. The titles are Souls of Cats and Conversations with Kitty, both available on Amazon. Agnes is the proverbial cat lady and has several new titles in the works. And yes, they’re all about cats. When asked if she had any other hobbies or interests besides cats, she said, “What would be the use? Cats are in charge of the house, and me, and if I got a hankering to put too much attention on anything, or anyone, else, they’d let me have it!” 

We would be remiss if Zelda B’s namesake weren’t mentioned here, and that is no other than the talented wife of the late F. Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald. An artist and writer in her own right, Zelda Fitzgerald became known more for her struggles with mental illness than for her brilliance and talent, as well as her eventual death in a mental hospital fire in 1948. Zelda B. Coleridge loves to watch people, observe them, listen to their words, weave stories, and becoming a writer was an inevitable outcome. Her upcoming book, Gracious Alive! (Southern Phrases, Their Roots, and Their Reasons) is scheduled for release December 1, 2019. She has several additional titles in the works, the next of which is titled Bless My Heart: More Southern Euphemisms and Their Meanings. Subscribe and stay tuned for more news about Zelda B. 

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